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There’s not a particular time in the year when you should visit Glasgow but when it comes to trying food and drink, the best time is later on in the week.

Many venues shut on Mondays and Tuesdays in Glasgow. Times have changed since Covid and there does not seem to be a lunch time rush any more with most people heading out for lunch or dinner later in the week or at weekends.

Glasgow is very multicultural and this is shown through the food the city offers folk. The West End of Glasgow is also great for showcasing Scottish produce.

You’ll get the wee independently run bakeries and coffee shops, the family run cheesemongers, butchers and restaurants and many locally owned pubs offering traditional Scottish music later in the week.

There are so many areas in the west end that are great for foodies. Finnieston is known for great restaurants and bars but Kelvinbridge, Partick and Byres Road have excellent eateries too – so they are definitely worth a visit!

Glasgow is an amazing city – go visit a museum or check out some street art, or even better, come join us on a Glasgow food tour and try some tasty food and drink with a bit of history and culture along the way.

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