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The Park Bar is great pub to visit while in Glasgow especially at the weekends! The craic, friendly staff, music & atmosphere – you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.

Thursday Night – Session

Friday – Sunday Night – Band

Although we visit The Park on ours tours, we fancied a wee night out on Saturday. Trail West were playing so we knew the pub was going to be buzzin’.

A favourite of Highlanders and Islanders visiting or living in Glasgow, it’s a must do on a night out. Part of the Triangle, you do a mini pub crawl (Islay Inn, The Snaffle Bit & The Park Bar). I may be biased but I often just visit The Park as I love the bands they have on and the atmosphere.

We went for dinner and arrived at The Park to see a queue outside. I have never seen a queue outside The Park before but fair play to Nina (pub landlady) who was trying to get everyone in.

But I should have known to get there earlier due to the popularity of Trail West – I knew it would be busy but I didn’t expect a queue. We managed to get in and WOW! You just cant help but have a dance or tap your foot to the music.

After being served, I enjoyed Tyree Gin while listing to the music of the Gaels – sorted! When I want to let my hair down and have a dance and drink, I come here.

Everyone’s welcome, so get your dancing shoes on and pop over to The Park Bar.

Trust me – it’s Fabulous!